About Us

Meet our makers

Duff & Associates is a small, yet powerful Industrial Sales Firm. The company was started by Phillip and Christine Duff in 1997 shortly after the birth of their son. Phil, a graduate of the University of Missouri Rolla (BSME 1986), began with one goal in mind, to deliver the best Equipment and Services money can buy, at a feasible and cost effective price. Because of this goal, we have gained the loyalty of numerous customers in both the Utility and Industrial market place, giving us an excellent record of unmatched customer service. 

Unlike many representatives, when a problem arises, we do not run the other way. It is quite the contrary, we put ourselves in the middle of the action to ensure that things get taken care of and that our customers are satisfied. So all in all, if you want to be treated in a respected, truthful manner, with facts and honesty, give Duff & Associates a call. We can't wait to hear from you